Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speed work

Tonight, I did Yasso 800s. I couldn't remember if I was suppose to do 5 or 6 800s so I ended up doing 6 just to be on the safe side. But after my run, I looked at my past workouts and I was only suppose to be 5. I had to do the 800s with the stroller and kids. I started my workout at 7:15pm and the kids soon fell asleep and stayed a sleep upon transferring to bed. My time is pace for the run:

1.75 warm up: 17:28.81 (9:59)
.5(1): 3:33.86 (7:08)
.25(rest): 2:31.93 (10:08)
.5(2): 3:36.87 (7:14)
.25(rest): 2:30.60 (10:03)
.5(3): 3:36.96 (7:14)
.25(rest): 2:24.37 (9:38)
.5(4): 3:38.67 (7:18)
.25(rest): 2:36.83 (10:28)
.5(5): 3:39.72 (7:20)
.25(rest): 2:35.67 (10:23)
.5(6): 3:39.04 (7:18)
1.75 cool down: 18:05.02 (10:20)

Total: 7:75 1:09:58 (9.02)

I am pleased with the times. I want to keep my 800s close to 7:20.


  1. Wow! Congrats on the runs and times! Those are good paces!

    As far as the picture on my blog, it's Koko Crater... haven't had the guts to try Stairway to Heaven yet because they're so strict about doing the hike. Security guards are posted from like 6:00am to 6:00pm! Have you done it?

  2. I haven't done either hikes. I was told Koko head isn't good for children and I have two. I would like to do both before I leave Hawaii. Hopefully, they reopen stairways to heaven to the public.