Sunday, October 25, 2009

P.F. Chang 30k Race Report

Friday afternoon, I drove down to P.F Chang to get my race number. I get my number and walk back to my car. When I get to my car, I realize that they gave me the wrong number. This race was 4th race out of 5 of the readiness program and we have the same number throughout. So I had to walk back to get the right number.
Usually the night before the race, I am nervous and excited about the race but for some reason I was dreading getting up at 3 for the 5 am start and didn't want to race. I had everything ready the night before so all I had to do was get dressed. I left the house by 3:20 and was at the race by 3:50. Now that I was at the race I was getting excited and was wondering if I would make my goal of 2:40 or under. It was still dark and I got my timing chip and stopped to put my car key in my pocket. I didn't realize that I had dropped my timing chip and walked off but stopped not to far off to put my timing chip on. I had to retrace my steps in the dark to find a black anklet band. I found it and secured it on my leg.

I headed to the start line at 4:50 to listen to the race instructions and we were off. The race was in Waikiki and they use the same route as most the races and the marathon held in the area. So I am quite familiar with the course. The first mile or two or flat and we run around Kapiolani park. My mile 1, I was already dripping with sweat even though it was still dark. But someone said the humidity was 86% at 5 in the morning. Between mile 2 and 3, we have to run up Diamond Head Road which is the biggest hill we have to face. Unfortunately we have to run back up it at mile 17. There are a few other small hills on the course but nothing too bad. My plan was to start slow and the progressively get faster and then hold at a comfortable pace. I basically stuck to my plan but my legs were getting very tired right after mile 16 and I still had the hill to climb back up. I slowed down considerably on the way up but my pace was faster on the way down. The race ends on Kalakaua Avenue and it is the last .6 miles of the race. No matter what race, this section seems like the longest part of the race. Then you turn the corner and see the finish line but it doesn't get closer. It's just a mirage. I finally crossed the finish line. My finish time was 2:39:58 so I made my goal by 2 seconds!

Mile splits:
Mile 1: 8:52 Mile 2: 8:48 Mile 3: 8:36 Mile 4: 8:29 Mile 5: 8:22 Mile 6: 8:31

Mile 7: 8:30 Mile 8: 8:27 Mile 9: 8:30 Mile 10: 8:26 Mile 11: 8:34 Mile 12:8:26

Mile 13: 8:21 Mile 14: 8:22 Mile 15: 8:31 Mile 16: 8:28 Mile 17: 9:20

Mile 18: 8:23 Mile .71: 6:03

I was happy with my race but now I am very sore! My left knee and ankle are hurting. My quads and calfs are hurting.

This is a picture of Tin and me after the race. Tin runs in the same clinic with me on Sunday mornings to prepare for the marathon.


  1. CONGRATS for finishing under your goal!! Awesome. Hey smile in your picture at the next race for me....PLEASE :)

    Hubby and I went to Waikiki last April and ran up Diamondhead...that is a TOUGH hill..WOW.

    Will that hill be in the Marathon route too.. UGH!!

  2. Awesome job!!! Congratulations on hitting your goal. Your training is looking really, really good. Can't wait to see how the marathon goes.

  3. did i read your time correctly...2 seconds to spare?!?!

  4. You ran a smart race (speeding up later - not easy!) with a great finishing time! From one sore gal to another: Congrats!

  5. Wow! You did fantastic and in high humidity too. Great job!