Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'll start tomorrow....

Do you ever catch yourself saying, I'll start tomorrow or I'll start Sunday". I have been saying that about eating healthier for a few months. My tomorrow or Sunday never comes. I need to start eating better but I like all the bad things. Plus, with two kids it seems like all the non-healthy choices are easier to choose. They don't take any time to prepare and they are readily accessible. Well, tomorrow I am going to go shopping and I am going to buy healthy foods for me and my children to eat.

My running has been going. I have been running with the stroller a lot with my daughter out of school for 3 weeks and my husband not around. But I know it makes me a stronger runner. I got a 12 miler in with the stroller on Sunday (2 hours). Tuesday, I got a 7 mile run and ran it is 1:04:51 with a pace of 9:16. Wednesday, I went to Stroller Strides Class and got 4.44 miles in 43 minutes. Tonight, I didn't think I was going to get a run in but my son wouldn't sleep and I knew he was tired because he didn't take a nap. My level of sanity was dropping extremely low so I packed them in the stroller and went for a run at 9:30. I ran for 7 miles in 1:03:09. I beat my last 7 mile run by 1 minute and 42 seconds. All my mile splits were under 9 minutes except my first mile and third mile. Overall I am happy with my running but I know I could do better if I ate healthier.

I also started the 100 push up and 200 sit up challenge again. Not to prove that I can do 100 push ups and 200 sit ups but I have my army physical fitness test coming up in October and I would really like to get a perfect score of 300 on it. The fitness test consists of: push ups for 2 minutes, sit ups in two minutes, and 2 mile run. Last fitness test, I did maxed my run. I only have to run 2 miles in 15:34 to max it and I ran it in under 14 minutes. I maxed my sit ups with 83. But I only did 30 push ups and I have to get 5o to max.

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  1. i started trying to eat better (again) this past week. if you plan things out it's much much easier! i made some homemade granola bars, helped with me wanting to bake something and to eat better, no corn syrup, etc. i have been trying all summer to eat a better breakfast, eggs, toast, sausage and start my day off better then sugary cereal (but i miss my cocca pebbles!)