Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 more months to go....

I will be running my very first marathon two months from today. It seems like a very long time from now until then. It also seems like I have been training for this marathon for ever. I'm getting very excited so jealous of everyone who has already run their marathon or will be running their marathon in the weeks to come. I want to wish my old college friend, Tami, from Journey of a Runner (http://tcarpentiere.blogspot.com/) luck with her first marathon on October 18th. She is running the Baystate Marathon in Massachusetts. Good luck!!

For my running, I did an hour slow run with the stroller on Thursday. I ran 6.2 miles in the hour which is a 9:40 pace. After that, I didn't run until Sunday when I did a speedy long run with the stroller. I felt pretty good the whole run. I usually take it kind of slow on my long runs especially with the stroller but since I took two days off I wanted to push myself and see what I could do. My mile splits were:

mile 1: 9:27 mile 2: 8:53 mile 3: 8:52 mile 4: 8:38 mile 5: 8:14
mile 6: 8:24 mile 7: 7:36 mile 8: 8:40 mile 9: 8:56 mile 10: 8:07
mile 11: 9:35 mile 12: 8:54 mile 13: 9:12 mile 14: 9:57

My mile 7 was real fast because I wanted to run 7 miles in 1 hour. I was 4 seconds over.

For those of you who read this and have run a marathon or who are about to run their first, I was wondering if you had a time goal or a just to finish goal?


  1. So this won't really answer your question because a) I've never run a full and b) in my 1/2s, I always had a time goal, but I was sent a link from a friend from a mom with a completely different training plan but one I could see myself doing.

  2. thannks for the well wishes. i come and go of being very nervous to just being ok with whatever time i finish at. i'll have to have you "friend"dave 'cause I am sure he will update with his blackberry on sunday.

  3. On my first marathon my goal was to finish but I had paces in mind that I planned on following. You look much more prepared than I was so I am sure you will have a better chance of meeting your goals.

    Good luck on your marathon. I ran Honolulu last year and SO wish I was running it again this year. It was so fun, rainy, but fun. Have your family bring food for you to the finish line though, there isn't much to eat!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Those are great splits for a training run! You'll be well-prepared for your marathon!

    My goal for my first marathon was just to finish.

  5. GReat work this week. I added the date of your first Marathon to my calendar :)

    My first Marathon I wanted to BQ....stupid I know.. I stressed so much about time that I think my body gave up. I would recommend running your first marathon to finish with, like Robin said, a conservative pace goal in mind.

    You will be GREAT! Time will go by fast. My First Marathon was not nearly 4 months ago and I feel like it was last week.

  6. My suggestion is to run the first 6miles slow and then when we hit Diamond head -- that's when the race starts- then you gear up- take the hill slow and then we dont turn off triangle park, we keep going down kahala then turn off the first street to the left- that's when we should be pushing more-- b/c then -- its the 18 mile race from there-- Hawaii kai has some nutty hill action - more like gradual grade increase that doesnt stop. Mile 20 is the killer- that's when most people bonk out. be warry of that and gauge back a bit before hand for a few miles to get you ready to hit the last 10 k relatively hard. Look for the guy on Kahala Ave who passes out the beer- wave- dont stop and have one - (tempting) although how much can a dixie cup of beer hurt right?? --- the last 2 miles are brutal - it's never ending - like you said, so is the finish shoot. knee pain is stoopid at this point. Hip joints are out of wack- REMEMBER-- DO NOT compromise your form!- walk for 30 seconds if you need to. Many people finish in a gawd awful humback of notre dame limp JUST to make their time and in the end-- they can't walk for 2 months afterwards. Careful with that.